Overmedicated Society Needs Natural Health

This is quite an interesting interview.  When you know that drug pushing is the end result, like my friend who was prescribed Levaquin without being told of the risk of tendon rupture, you might wonder what you need to do to change the way you look at your health.
In an in-depth interview on CNN this morning, John Abramson, MD, board member of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, explained why it is that 74% of Americans who visit a doctor, leave with a prescription for a drug (or several drugs), and why taking drugs is NOT the best way to good health.
Dr. Abramson succinctly explains how American medicine's reliance and over use of drugs--primarily new, expensive drugs--is driven by the drug industry. And how that industry controls most of the channels of communication by which medical information is transmitted to physicians and the public.

And in another story that tells you how how hospitals are seriously low in their supply of prescription drugs, you should have your contingency plan.  Natural Health is here to help you.  

Hospitals hunt substitutes as drug shortages rise

I have to say I see this as inevitable and I am not surprised.  Of course I do not use any drugs and rely only on herbal, homeopathic,  orthomolecular and nutritional medicine.

You can too, and you can learn how to be more responsible for your health.

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