Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe?

Creating Health Institute and Natural Health News have been covering the problems with artificial sweeteners for a very long time.  Today another problem has been reported clearly establishing the too-close tie between agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack and Monsanto.
This weight loss tip tells the story -
Skip the sweetenerIn a 5-week study by Purdue University researchers, rats given unlimited access to artificially sweetened yogurt consumed more calories, gained more weight, and packed on more fat than those that ate sugar-sweetened yogurt. Researchers believe artificial sweeteners may hinder your body's ability to regulate calories based on taste, so you end up overeating. Go with a little bit of natural sweetener, such as raw sugar or honey, instead.

Neotame: Threat to Organics Sponsored by Monsanto or Internet Hoax? January 6th, 2011 Cornucopia Institute comments on the story snippet about neotame:- We have received several inquiries about the artificial sweetener Neotame, and the Internet rumor that this synthetic additive is allowed in certified organic foods. Neotame, as a synthetic additive, is not allowed in organic foods, contrary to the Internet rumor.

You will now find Neotame in your organic food, thanks to this cozy bed-fellow arrangement. Just when we thought that buying Organic was safe, we run headlong into the deliberate poisoning of our organic food supply by the FDA in collusion with none other than the folks who brought us Aspartame. NutraSweet, a former Monsanto asset, has developed a new and improved version of this neurotoxin called Neotame. Source
Original post from 2005, Natural Health News -
March 23, 2005 -
WebMD gets the low down on artificial sweeteners on the shelves and in the pipeline.
By Denise Mann, Reviewed By Brunilda Nazario, MD

WebMD gets it wrong, very wrong!
Artificial sweeteners are not so safe, so if you want to stay sweet and healthy read more here to get the facts. Too bad WebMD won't give equal time to the experts that can clearly explain to thousands about the health risks of artificial sweeteners.
Natural Health News has more than 8 pages of posts related to artificial sweeteners. You can find more at

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